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Lower Half Easy Store Torso Sex Dolls Hip

Soft Hip

When you’re done with her vagina, it’s time to find out what else she’s hiding. You slowly take out your penis, kiss her pussy, and stick your fingers inside of her anus. Then, you lick them and put your pulsating member instead.

The anus of Cecilia is also well-structured. Beads in her ass are smaller than in the vagina. Everything is made so well that you may even forget she’s not a real girl. The structure of her anus is realistic, and you can’t tell the difference.

Anal sex is not for everyone. That is why even if your girlfriend doesn’t let you come from the back, Cecilia is always there to provide you with exotic sensations. Besides, it’s a nice way to see if you like anal sex or not. Cecilia won’t mind if you don’t, but you’re likely to fall in love with anal since her butt is about to give you enormous pleasure.

Premium materials

Cecilia’s skin is incredibly soft but in no way made of toxic materials. Medical-grade TPE contributes to such softness of the skin but still keeps it sturdy enough to withstand hard sex and spanking.

TPE is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial material so you won’t get any skin irritation after or during sex with Cecilia. Moreover, it allows the manufacturers to create a maximum realistic skin structure, with all the pores and even goosebumps.

Key features

  • 6 beads inside of her vagina and a beaded anus.
  • Slim waist, together with a big soft butt.
  • Two holes for different kinds of sex.
  • Top-quality materials that withstand rough sex.
  • A light weight that lets you have her in different positions.
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